FMA Horizontal Agitated Kettles

Twin 600L steam fired Agitated Kettles with bin lifters
Horizontal Agitated Kettles
Horizontal Agitated Kettles
Touch screen control via PLC
Horizontal Agitated Kettles
  • 200 to 1000L
  • Steam fired remotely and self contained.
  • Touch screen control via PLC
  • Smaller footprint, requiring less kitchen space per litre of production capacity
  • Various agitator styles (hyperlink to scrolling agitator style pics below) are available  to meet  production and product requirements.
  • All agitators are easily removable  with programmable variable-speed,  reversible motors, and HMI Control
  • Agitator shaft seals are removable from inside the kettle for sanitisation
  • Steam jackets offer  faster heating & efficiency
  • Manufactured in Port Macquarie, Australia